Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gouge Away

Requested by: el duderino

You can cut his hair
and gouge out his eyes, but he
can still kill you all.

You're my Delilah;
a lethal seductress who
leads to my downfall.

Female betrayal
leads to suffering. Women,
you can't live with 'em...

Blinded by beauty,
weakened by evil woman;
sad tale of most men.

Doolittle (1989)

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Dianne said...

Never heard this song before... but I like it! I also like the track "Wave of Mutilation" from the same album. Looks like I may have to buy this one.

Patrick said...

My college roomie was a huge Pixies fan. I think they may have even done a show in Oxford while we were there. I was excited to see a request for this's a great one that I had forgotten!

El Duderino said...

Thanks for the haikuization.
The Pixies are a great band, if you had to choose one of their albums, Doolittle might not be a bad choice - it's a phenomenal album.