Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hot for Teacher

Delinquent decides
that with a pretty teacher
school isn't so bad.

1984 (1984)
Van Halen

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peteej said...

Holy crap, I have this album on vinyl! We're talking the week it was released vinyl, not a later pressing. How cool, these guys were the first concert I ever saw. Not so sure I'd go see them now, though.

Is this retro Thursday? First, I read a post on dcrBlogs that mentions the Atari clone made by Sears, now this? :D It's not even 8am yet! Today will be a good day methinks.

Patrick said...

As a whole I think I prefer the stuff with Sammy H, but this song along with Panama and Jump are definitely some of VH's best! I bet they put on a good live show.