Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Take Good Care of My Baby

Cheating man loses
girl and tells new guy "be good"
or he’ll take her back.

Take Good Care of My Baby (single - 1961)
Bobby Vee

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michele said...

Was this a request, Earl? Can't believe this music is active on your listening list. This music is the music of my adolescence. I would have been a sophomore/junior in high school. I loved this song and it is fun to hear it again. Re the haiku; I don't think the writer would actively 'take' her back, but would be there waiting. Remember, 1961 is barely out of the 50's.

Earl said...

Nope, not a request. Just heard it on XM Radio the other day. Good song. And I agree about wanting her back. But the line "just send my baby back home to me" always struck me as so bossy and possessive -- thinking of the girl like an object. That's probably why she left him in the first place. The untrue part is just a cover. :^)